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Sunder And Sonati

The danger of a single story
Is just that
It  is a single story

All the characters in a story
After all
Are protagonists to themselves
Like in Kurosawa's Rashomon
Or rather
Like in Akutagawa's In a Bamboo  Grove
Each has
A different point of view
Which they cling to
Even after they are dead

The story of humanity
Has seven billion protagonists
And counting
Our courts are filled with
Backlogs of cases
Where there are stories with
Diametrically opposite
Points of view
Our elections are
Stories in themselves
Stories where many conflicting "truths"
Can co-exist
Our lives are twined with others
Whose stories
Are quite different from ours
To say the least

The universe is made up of
Not only atoms
But also stories
Oh, so many stories make up our universe
The beauty of our universe
Lies in the fact that
A story
And its opposite
Can co-exist
Its ugliness
Lies in
The danger of a single story