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Sunder And Sonati

Seasoned farmers
Save seeds
For all seasons

Only Aandavan knows
When it will rain
We have different seeds
For whenever it does
Different seeds
If it starts raining early in Aadi
If it rains late in Aadi
If the good rains come only in Purataasi
My favourite seed is
The one which
We plant early in Aadi
We let the cows graze
For two months
On ragi shoots
Before fencing off the crop
And letting it grow
For us
But who grows ragi these days?
It's all rice, rice, rice
I just can't stomach rice

These are the farmers
Who will help us
When the climate changes
Just as
They and their seeds
Are adapted
To the vagaries of weather
They and their seeds
Will know how to adapt
To the vagaries of climate change