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Sunder And Sonati

Father Stan
Was quite a man
The might of the state
Sought to crush him
It didn't even manage to
Anywhere near shush him
A caged bird
Still can sing
He said this quite
Inspiring thing
And proceeded to do
Precisely that
Singing with zing

His body was frail
But his spirit didn't quail
At all that was hurled at him
In Taloja jail
So many were moved
By the sight of this man
Suffering like Christ
Turning the other cheek
On behalf of the meek
For the sake of the weak
But not the state
Not the courts
Not the men
Who denied him bail
Claiming that terrorists ought to be
Locked up in jail

Now he is no more
He paid the ultimate price
But he taught all of us
Important things
And one of them being
How a caged bird can sing
Why, now we know
Even a dead bird can
Rest in eternal song
Dear Father Stan