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Sunder And Sonati

Spare a thought
For the young girl
Who was raped
Who was not raped
Who had her tongue cut off
Who bit off her own tongue
To spite her attackers
Who was stalked by those men
For months
Who cast her polluting shadow
On upper-caste men
And so had to be
Taught a lesson
What a confusing story, yaar
Change the channel

Now watch what the
Honourable Chief Minister does
From his pulpit
Suspends his own policemen and
Very honourably
Orders a CBI probe
Lodges FIRs against journalists, NGOs
And opposition partymen
Lays bare an international conspiracy
To denigrate Bharat Mata
Arrests four Muslim men

Satyameva Jayate
We are told
But whose truth
Will prevail?