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Climate Change Rap

Sunder And Sonati

Climate change is hitting us
Global warming is heating us
The powers that be are saying
What's eating you?
Sit back, relax, enjoy the view
But we are missing the climate bus
It's gonna go
Just leaving us
Behind, in the climate wood
Which we just don't see
For the, oh so many, climate trees
Everything, reader dear, is
Connected, and the coronavirus
Should have taught us that
If nothing else
No man is an island
Entire of itself

As John Donne said
And cleared our collective head
To deal with problems locally
To solve the problems globally
Every little thing you do
Can come back to haunt you
Or of course, contariwise
Can be a source of some high-fives
What can be more absurd
Or absurder
Than bees by the planeload
Crossing the seas
From the land of Oz
To Pollinate
California's almond groves?
Or to take a case a little smellier
What can be absurder
Or more absurd
Than freighting human excreta by train
We're lucky that it's not by plane
From New York, New York
The city that never sleeps
To poor rural Alabama's dungheaps
A truly shitty job
It must be
For the engineer
And the rail company
Such stories abound, dear reader
And I could write more and more
About such bad examples galore
No rhyme
No reason
But the world is alive
With bad habits on overdrive
So each of us has his or her work cut out
To identify bad habits and rout them out
We could use the medallion of Gandhi
We could definitely keep it handy
Think of that "Gandhi's poorest man"
And think of what he can't do but you can
So it is up to you to do your bit
For yourself, him and Gaia, too
And this bit and that bit
And his bit and her bit
Add up to, oh so many, gigabits
And when you scale to gigabits
The world will change
And the climate. And you.
And we'll all realise
Climate change can be positive, too