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Sunder And Sonati

Flipping through the pages of
An alumni magazine
I bumped into
(Admittedly electronically)
A co-author
And found him to be
An old friend

Oi Birdie
Hey Svai
The shouts rang out
(Admittedly electronically)
Across continents
Much as they once used to
Across wings
Of the hostel

Suddenly we were transported
Back in time
To when we were younger
A generation younger
I laughed loudly at what he wrote
Much as I used to laugh loudly
Long ago
At what he said

For a short while
We were both
Catching up
And so were in
Long ago land
Where our laughs were loud
And we had made plans
To change the world

Then, inexorably
Over the course of
A few e-mails
We grew older
And older
And reached the present
And realised
That we had changed the world
By its having changed us