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Big Brother's Beard

Sunder And Sonati

Big Brother's Beard is
Long and flowing
Its hypnotic value
Is forever growing

Like that moving pipe
The snake-charmer uses
Our eyes keep following
His beard's ruses

And softly softly
He murmurs and coos
And quickly quickly
You and I lose

A sense of proportion
And start to see
Wherever we look
A heinous conspiracy

Anti-CAA protesters
Are Muslim, of course
And Urban Naxals
Will shout until hoarse

Anything negative about
Our governement; you see
They are not patriots
Like you and like me

The farmers are Khalistanis
The rumour is spread
They are not farmers at all
They are all too well-fed

Big Brother's Beard
Its truths keeps waggling
The godi media
Is busy haggling

Its way to eyeballs
Yours and Mine
Big Beard's truths are broadcast
Come rain or shine

But now the beard
Has slipped from the true
We can all see that
It's slightly askew

The farmers are all there
The farmers are calm
The farmers have not done
An iota of harm

They are farmers all right
They are patient as can be
They are patient as only
Farmers can be

Rain or Sun
Won't drive them away
Rain and Sun
Are part of their work-day

More power to the farmers
May their tribe increase
Oh, and a final disclaimer:
I'm a farmer, please