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Climate Change Rap

in Climate Change · 2 min read

Climate change is hitting us Global warming is heating us The powers that be are saying What's eating you? Sit back, relax, enjoy the view But we are missing the climate bus It's gonna go Just


in Hathras · 1 min read

Spare a thought For the young girl Who was raped Who was not raped Who had her tongue cut off Who bit off her own tongue To spite her attackers Who was stalked by those men For months Who cast her


in Hope · 1 min read

Instead of sharing Pictures of darkness And expressing horror Or dismay On our smartphones Let us pledge Each one To light a candle Howsoever feeble the flame To guide us through These dark times

Last Nail

in Ayodhya · 1 min read

It is beyond ridiculous This judicial jugglery This courtroom charade It was a crime Says one court But those who committed it Are not criminals Says another And we mutter to ourselves That's the

A Lick of Honey

in Bee Keeping · 1 min read

Dressed to the nines In glove and veil I head to the bee-box With knife and pail A silent prayer To the Gods that be And I start to tangle With the honey bee My support team Is on standby With


in Climate Change · 1 min read

When I am out Pitting And planting trees I rue the time Away from my desk: I could have been Writing poetry I think When I am At my desk Writing I rue the time Away from the pits: I could have been