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in Partitions · 1 min read

It is easy enough To blame it all on Cyril Radcliffe But he was just Doing his job He just drew Lines on paper As he was told to It is the partitions In our hearts In our minds That have transmuted


in Stories · 1 min read

The danger of a single story Is just that It  is a single story All the characters in a story After all Are protagonists to themselves Like in Kurosawa's Rashomon Or rather Like in Akutagawa's In a

Present Tense

in Living In The Present · 1 min read

We mortgage our present For a putative future We sign vakalatnamas For others To live our lives We mark time Until one day Tomorrow arrives unannounced And we find that The solutions to all our


in Stars · 1 min read

Lying with my Patti On her kayyathu kattil I would doze off Listening to her saying That is your nakshatram: Pooraadam Mine is Thiruvadurai Your Appa's is... On our Colaba terrace My father would


in Empathy · 1 min read

The cut-and-thrust of debate The piercing wit The sharpness of repartee We all know that Words are powerful indeed Why, sarcasm can even bite When we talk to each other We can hear What the other

Gestapo Rap

in Gestapo · 1 min read

They come in the night The Gestapo do They knock on your door The Gestapo do They knock down your door The Gestapo do They take you away The Gestapo do Far far away The Gestapo do It's no use