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in Climate Change · 1 min read

Last night's was A textbook rain Bookended by The call of the brain fever bird Brain fever brain fever brain And The contented gurgling croaks Of hundreds of toads We don't get such rains Often

Here there is no why

in War · 1 min read

Why invade a country That has done you no harm? Hier ist kein warum Why pontificate about Afghan women's rights When you are going to abandon them Women, men, children When it suits you? Hier ist


in Illusion · 1 min read

Lord Krishna and his disciple Nara Were out walking, one day When Krishna said to Nara I'll rest in this grove You please go fetch me A drink of water Nara went To a nearby village To the well To


in Painting · 1 min read

I set up my easel and canvas And start to paint A while later Satisfied I pause for the day When I get back the next day I find that Nature's palette can Breezily conjure Out of thin air Fresh


in Clomate Change · 1 min read

Seasoned farmers Save seeds For all seasons Only Aandavan knows When it will rain But We have different seeds For whenever it does Different seeds If it starts raining early in Aadi If it rains


in Institutions · 1 min read

When they jail you You wear prison clothes You eat according to their schedule You sleep according to their schedule You think according to their schedule You lose all agency In hospitals They