by Sunder And Sonati in Old Friends · 1 min read

When I meet An old friend After many many years Is it not myself At eleven, seventeen, Twenty-three or thirty-seven That I am catching up with? Each of us Has changed Oh, so much But the meeting

Lal Chowk

by Sunder And Sonati in Kashmir · 1 min read

In 1984 The Ministry of Truth Peddled lies and half-truths In 2020 In Kashmir Half-truths and lies Are rampant everywhere Even in The heart of Srinagar We must call out Each lie Each half-truth As


by Sunder And Sonati in Schoolfriends · 1 min read

On our first day at A new school I met Berzee, Munaf, Nandan Venkatesh, Chitcharan, Jude During recess After What’s your name? We circled warily around Each other Finding out Where someone lived Did


by Sunder And Sonati in Migrants · 1 min read

I am used to A certain lifestyle They live Like that anyway They always manage Still… I salve my conscience By donating A few thousand rupees To a worthy cause The money that I saved By not having