by Sunder And Sonati in Fascism · 1 min read

The fascist beast is feral now One snarl and All of us sheep Are cowed Those who still dare Dare to oppose Dare to speak out Dare to hold a different viewpoint Are quickly disposed of Umar Khalid


by Sunder And Sonati in Climate Change · 1 min read

Material things are finite Only our appetites are infinite Still, if our appetites are for finite things There is only so much We can consume Until we are sated And a little more that We can

Climate Change Rap

by Sunder And Sonati in Climate Change · 2 min read

Climate change is hitting us Global warming is heating us The powers that be are saying What's eating you? Sit back, relax, enjoy the view But we are missing the climate bus It's gonna go Just


by Sunder And Sonati in Hathras · 1 min read

Spare a thought For the young girl Who was raped Who was not raped Who had her tongue cut off Who bit off her own tongue To spite her attackers Who was stalked by those men For months Who cast her


by Sunder And Sonati in Hope · 1 min read

Instead of sharing Pictures of darkness And expressing horror Or dismay On our smartphones Let us pledge Each one To light a candle Howsoever feeble the flame To guide us through These dark times

Last Nail

by Sunder And Sonati in Ayodhya · 1 min read

It is beyond ridiculous This judicial jugglery This courtroom charade It was a crime Says one court But those who committed it Are not criminals Says another And we mutter to ourselves That's the