by Sunder And Sonati in Privilege · 1 min read

I wear my privilege On me Like an endi shawl Wrapped tightly About my shoulders To keep out the cold But just as An endi shawl Can wrap itself around And warm More than one person I find that I can


by Sunder And Sonati in College, · 1 min read

Flipping through the pages of An alumni magazine I bumped into (Admittedly electronically) A co-author And found him to be An old friend Oi Birdie Hey Svai The shouts rang out (Admittedly


by Sunder And Sonati in Childhood, · 1 min read

When I was six or seven I used to walk From home Sargent House on Barrow Road To school, a few buildings away J J Montessori In a barsati of Red Shield House The Salvation Army Building On

Dotola Ghor

by Sunder And Sonati in Hometown, · 1 min read

As newly-weds Walking the streets of her hometown She said Let's go meet my grandfather's brother There In that Dotola We went in And met Orin Ata Who greeted me as Brother Insisted on our having

Fair Game

by Sunder And Sonati in Fair Game · 1 min read

We are all, now Fair Game You are not going to get away Shouting the truth from the rooftops I am not going to escape By keeping silent He is wondering if he will make it By running with the hares

Thought Police

by Sunder And Sonati in Thought Police · 1 min read

The Thought Police Is in my mind Should I ask this question I ask Wouldn't it be better To keep quiet? After all It makes no difference It makes no difference And I stand the risk Of being trolled Of